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Transmission repairs and rebuilding for automatic, manual, and high performance transmissions as well as drive line repair in Bethel MN, Isanti MN and the surrounding areas. 763-444-4646

General Transmission and Drive Line Services

drive line repair

NATCO Transmission takes great pride and care in resolving your transmission and drive-line issues. With over 70 years of combined experience in the industry, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to assist us in identifying the problem.

Whether you need a transmission fluid flush, new universal joints installed, or repair or rebuilding for an automatic or a manual transmission, our service experts will expertly service your drivetrain and get you back on the road. From small repairs and service to major rebuilds, we have done it all.

Below is just a small list of our services.

Minor Services   Major Services
  • Service and Flush Transmission Fluid
  • Universal Joint Service
  • Universal Joint Installation
  • Change Differential Fluids
  • Change Transfer Case Fluids
  • Electronic Diagnostics
  • Road Testing
  • Automatic Transmission Repair & Rebuilding
  • Automatic Transaxle Repair & Rebuilding
  • Manual Transmission Repair & Rebuilding
  • Manual Transaxle Repair & Rebuilding
  • Transfer Case Overhaul
  • Front Differential Repair & Rebuilding
  • Rear Differential Repair & Rebuilding
  • Clutch Repair
  • Flywheel Surfacing

Call us today at 763-444-4646 for a full list of our services, more information, or a quote.

High Performance Transmission Services

high performance transmissions and drive train

We have been building performance automatic transmissions since we opened our doors. We Build transmissions for street rods, drag racing, enduro, dirt oval, and demolition derby cars.

We are best known in the performance world for our innovation of the Metric 200 Transmission for circle track racing, as well as rebuilding power glides for both drag racing and circle track applications.

Currently we are the only place you can get a SFI approved bolt on bell-housing for the Metric 200 Transmission. We have M200 bell housings for both Chevy & Chrysler small block motors and we are currently working on producing it for Ford small block motors, Chevy, and Chrysler motors.

We also build 9-inch ford gear sets for street and track racing applications and we sell a complete line of Fast Shafts products as well as Proven Force and Midwest Converter Supply performance torque converters. Midwest Converter and NATCO have worked together extensively on the development of the Slingshot converter for the circle track racing industry, providing you with a truly state-of-the-art torque converter that can stand the abuses of racing.

Proudly serving Bethel MN and the surrounding areas including Ham Lake, East Bethel, Cambridge and Isanti MN.